Hoda Kotb confesses she's 'crying' as she delivers emotional news

Hoda Kotb sheds tears while delivering heartfelt news

Kayleigh Williamson, the first woman with Down Syndrome to complete the New York City Marathon, left Hoda Kotb in complete admiration.

In an emotional moment on Instagram, the host of The Today Show made it clear that she was in tears as she shared an emotive video of the runner crossing the finish line.

Showing a clear interest in the runner’s story, she recounted the tale of her friend, Abby Bales, who had encountered Kayleigh at mile 25. She even used the hashtag “girl power” while sharing a video of the runner in action.

One fan expressed their appreciation for the story, sharing their own connection to running and a child with Down’s syndrome: “Thank you for sharing. I am also a runner and have a baby with Down’s syndrome. I have always said that he will run with us. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of her and grateful for her support team. Marathons are not easy, so this post is truly amazing!”

Lisa Muir, an environmental activist who ran alongside Kayleigh, left a comment on one of Hoda’s posts, expressing her admiration for Abby. According to Lisa, Abby was like a beam of light in the midst of darkness, providing Kayleigh, Sandy, and herself with the greatest gift after enduring nine hours of perseverance.

While keeping a watchful eye on the event, Hoda made sure to give credit to her co-anchor Sheinelle Jones for participating in the marathon. She shared pictures of her colleague with a heartwarming caption that read, “If you want to know what inspiration looks like, just look up in the dictionary. This is it! xoxo”.

Sheinelle’s anchor colleague displayed the signs that Sheinelle’s daughters, Haley Joy and Hope Catherine, helped create to support her during her journey. This gesture touched Sheinelle deeply, causing her to express her gratitude and emotions by commenting, “Ok I’m crying. Love you.”

A curious fan inquired if Kayleigh would make an appearance on the Today Show with Sheinelle to share her marathon experience.

On Monday’s episode of Today, the host made it a point to share Kayleigh’s inspiring story. One of the show’s fans even mentioned that hearing about the runner’s remarkable achievement gave her goosebumps.

Hoda’s Morning Boost on The Today Show is a daily segment that aims to bring joy to people’s mornings. Hoda is well-known for her affection for heartwarming stories, and she uses this platform to share them with her audience.

Hoda and her co-hosts were filled with excitement as they discussed a heartwarming pregnancy announcement. The announcement involved a woman surprising her sister by having the barista at a coffee shop write “Auntie” on her sister’s coffee cup to reveal the news of her pregnancy. The hosts couldn’t help but express their joy over such a creative and thoughtful way to share the news.

As co-host Al Roker tickled her funny bone, Hoda found herself getting emotional and tearing up at the heartwarming moment.

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