Mother of Kawaski Trawick calls for justice for her late son

In her bid for justice, Ellen Trawick, the mother of the late Kawaski Trawick, is demanding the termination of officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis from the police force. The incident, which occurred over four years ago, saw the 32-year-old Trawick tased, shot, and killed in his apartment.

Advocates are eagerly awaiting a final decision from NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban regarding the employment status of the officers involved in a recent internal NYPD trial and investigation. Two weeks ago, NYPD deputy commissioner Tania Kinsella recommended that the officers not face any punishment. It remains to be seen what course of action the commissioner will take, but many are keeping a close eye on the situation.

A group of supporters, including elected officials, gathered outside City Hall on Tuesday to stand with Trawick’s mother and demand the removal of the two officers involved in the incident. The advocates strongly voiced their concerns and called for justice to be served.

Family members and concerned citizens of New York are urging Mayor Eric Adams to arrange a meeting with the family before a decision is reached. Mayor Adams responded to this request during a press conference held at City Hall today. He mentioned that he would be more than willing to meet with the family after a final decision has been made.

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