Police report discovery of deceased mother and two children in Semmes residence

Police discovered the bodies of a mother and two children in the Semmes Home

UPDATE: Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch has stated that it is still unclear whether this incident is a murder-suicide.

According to Burch, Mia Johnson, 5, and Jacob Johnson, 2, were tragically killed, and their mother, Nancy Johnson, 37, has also passed away.

According to Burch, there have been domestic calls from the home in the past, and Nancy and her husband Derek had a pending divorce. Derek, who found the bodies, is currently on the scene and has been cooperative with the police. Burch stated that Derek will be questioned as part of the investigation.

Once more, Burch reiterated that none of the three victims had sustained gunshot wounds.

“He said it’s much more than that, and he decided not to divulge any further information,” he stated.

According to Burch, the complete information about Nancy’s death is yet to be determined, as an autopsy needs to be conducted on her body.

As of 1:49 p.m., authorities are treating the deaths as a triple homicide. According to officials from the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, the victims did not sustain gunshot wounds and an investigation is currently underway.


The Semmes Police Department has reported a tragic incident in a Semmes home on Thursday, where a mother and her two children were found dead.

Officials have reported that a husband called 911 after finding his 37-year-old wife, 2-year-old son, and 5-year-old daughter in their Evergreen Court home located off Snow Road.

Our team is currently in the process of obtaining additional details from authorities at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and Semmes Police department.

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