Marjorie Taylor Greene Labels Unprecedented Number of Illegal Border Crossings as ‘Treason’

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) recently chastised the Biden administration for allowing a record number of illegal immigrants to enter the United States. Greene even went so far as to call this move “treason.” In a post on X, she noted that California intends to provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants, a move she claims is not actually free because California taxpayers would foot the tab.

In addition to her frustration with the border crisis, Greene emphasized that it is a major concern for her and she is eager to pursue impeachment as a solution. However, she acknowledged that she currently does not have the required votes to proceed with impeachment. As an alternative approach, Greene contemplated the possibility of a tax revolt as a potentially effective means of addressing the issue.

California will start offering free healthcare to all qualifying residents, regardless of immigration status, starting on January 1. This means that approximately 700,000 undocumented immigrants aged 26 to 49 will be eligible for comprehensive medical coverage. However, Sally Pipes, an expert in healthcare policy, raised concerns about this expansion, particularly in light of California’s projected budget deficit of $68 billion for the next fiscal year. Pipes argued that it is irresponsible to use taxpayer funds to cover healthcare expenses for non-citizens, especially when the state is already grappling with financial difficulties.

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