More Angelenos Moving to Las Vegas at Increasing Rate

Las Vegas, Nevada, continues to be a popular choice for Californians looking for a getaway. The latest migration numbers reveal just how significant this trend is.

According to real estate brokerage Redfin, the majority of the approximately 4,000 individuals who relocated to Las Vegas in October hailed from Los Angeles.

“I recently accepted a job offer from a tech company specializing in turf grass sports field management,” said Alex Opgenorth, who will be relocating to Las Vegas in January after residing in Los Angeles for three years. In an interview with FOX5 on Thursday, Alex stated, “Las Vegas is an ideal location for me as it is centrally located in the southwest region that I will be responsible for.”

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau supports the notion of a rising trend of Californians relocating to Nevada.

Approximately 7% of individuals who choose to leave California end up relocating to Nevada. Interestingly, this group constitutes a significant 40% of all in-state migrants who decide to make the move to the Silver State.

Living in Las Vegas offers a significant financial advantage as it comes with a lower cost of living.

Opgenorth explained that the cost of living in Los Angeles had reached a point where it became difficult to justify staying there. As a result, he began exploring other options.

According to Redfin’s data, the average price of a home in Las Vegas is approximately 50% lower than that of a home in Los Angeles.

Getting back home to Wisconsin, where Opgenorth is originally from, was also a deciding factor due to the convenience it offered.

“Moving to Las Vegas will actually make it easier for me to visit my family in Wisconsin,” he explained. “Unlike LAX, Las Vegas offers direct flights, which is a huge advantage for me.”

Opgenorth was drawn to the area by its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, but it was the breathtaking landscape that truly captured his heart.

“I’m really drawn to Las Vegas because of its thriving outdoor community,” he enthusiastically shared. “Personally, I am deeply passionate about activities like backpacking, camping, hiking, and rock climbing.”

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