Niagara Falls murder suspect discovered in Philadelphia in Lockport

Niagara Falls murder suspect discovered in Philadelphia in Lockport

Prosecutors allege that the man wanted in connection with a murder in Niagara Falls fled town last month, but U.S. Marshals were able to track him down and arraign him on Wednesday.

In Niagara County Court, Juan Ubiles entered a not-guilty plea to the charges swirling around him. Included among them are criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree murder.

Ubiles was apprehended by Marshals in Philadelphia in September, necessitating his extradition elsewhere.

The Niagara County District Attorney’s Office reports that at the time of his arrest, Ubiles was in possession of a forgery identification card and a false name.

Gregorey Vincent, age 44, was discovered deceased on 18th Street in Niagara Falls in June. Ubiles was charged in relation to this incident. The purported offence was the subject of a reward from Crimestoppers.

Wednesday found Vincent’s wife Tracy and his extended family in court, where they were advocating for his justice. Tracy disclosed to Two On Your Side that their family would never be in good health.

“The deprivation we endured is irreplaceable. “His grandkids will never see their grandfather, his father, his mother, his grandmother, or his child’s mother; his children will never have the opportunity to grow up with him again,” she explained.

Citing his arrest in Philadelphia, the District Attorney’s Office requested that Ubiles be held without bail.

However, Ubiles’ attorney requested additional time to speak with his client, who had recently arrived in New York, from the judge.

The defense’s request was approved by the judge, who also scheduled a bail hearing for October 20.

Vincent’s family stated that Ubiles’ incarceration pending trial would significantly increase their sense of security.

“What we do wish to convey is that without bail, we would feel considerably more secure and at ease. Tracy Vincente stated, “We can sleep better at night knowing that our children can attend school with the assurance that he will be barred from the street until his sentence is served.”

Vincent further stated that her family values the efforts of the Victim Crimes Unit (SNUG) and extended gratitude to all those who have gathered to assist them during this trying time.

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