NYC man shot trying to stop thief from jumping in through window

NYC man shot trying to stop thief from jumping in through window during home invasion

According to sources and police reports, a home invasion robbery occurred early Wednesday, resulting in a Queens resident being shot and left in critical condition. The incident appeared to have been a targeted attack.

According to the authorities, the incident took place at around 5:30 a.m. in Flushing, where a 31-year-old individual was present in his residence located on 62nd Avenue near 138th Street. The suspects, who were wearing masks, reportedly surrounded the house, with a total of eight individuals being involved in the incident.

According to police sources, the crew was caught on video splitting up into groups of two or three and attempting to gain entry through various entrances of the home, as shown in footage obtained by investigators through the homeowner.

According to authorities, despite one member of the group breaking the front window and entering the home, the courageous victim attempted to push them back outside. According to authorities, the crew managed to grab $800 in cash and an iPad before making their escape.

According to authorities, four individuals managed to escape in an SUV, while the remaining four fled on foot. According to the authorities, the police rushed the victim to NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital in a critical state.

According to the victim’s downstairs neighbor who spoke with The Post on Wednesday, the perpetrators entered the premises and demanded to know the whereabouts of the money. According to an anonymous neighbor, the perpetrators took their phones and instructed them to remain quiet. The neighbor also reported that the burglars broke a window upstairs and fired a gunshot. The victim was unable to move as instructed by the burglars.

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