Poll Workers in Georgia Demand Giuliani Be Prohibited from Defaming Them

Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss, who were accused of ballot fraud in 2020 by Rudy Giuliani, have recently filed a lawsuit on December 18th. In this legal action, they are urging the court to prohibit the former Trump lawyer from repeating the false claims that have greatly disrupted and affected their lives.

According to The Associated Press, Giuliani’s post-trial interviews, where he continued to promote conspiracy theories about the women, are mentioned in the filing. This occurred after Giuliani was hit with a $148 million defamation ruling in a separate lawsuit brought by the two women. Currently, Giuliani is facing new legal action that aims to stop him from making false attacks against two Georgia election workers. When asked about the new litigation, a political adviser for Giuliani chose not to comment.

During their emotional testimony on December 15th, Freeman and Moss recounted the terrifying experience of receiving violent racist threats that ultimately forced them to go into hiding. Their ordeal was a direct result of Giuliani’s promotion of the fraudulent allegations. It is worth noting that a judge had already found Giuliani liable for defaming them, and on that very same day, a jury awarded the women a staggering $148 million in damages. This incident, as reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, highlights the severe consequences of spreading false information and the impact it can have on individuals’ lives.

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Despite admitting in court that his accusations against the women were public and false, Giuliani maintains his innocence and plans to appeal. However, there is uncertainty regarding his ability to pay such a substantial amount, considering his current financial situation.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, is currently under investigation in Georgia for his involvement in President Trump’s attempts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results. Despite the charges brought against him, Giuliani maintains his innocence. However, this case only adds to the growing legal troubles he faces due to his work for the former president.

Giuliani remains steadfast in his refusal to retract his accusations against Moss and Freeman, leaving the women with no choice but to take legal action in order to put an end to the defamation they have endured. Their lawyers assert that Giuliani’s harmful claims must come to a halt.

According to the news outlet, the comments suggest that he plans to continue his campaign of targeted defamation and harassment. Their lawyers claim that his continuous spreading of false information demonstrates the necessity for judicial action to prevent any additional harm.

Rudy Giuliani Ordered to Pay Georgia Poll Workers Nearly $150M for Defamation and Damages

Former New York City mayor and personal attorney to former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, has been ordered to pay nearly $150 million in damages and defamation charges to poll workers in Georgia. The ruling comes as a result of Giuliani’s false claims and statements made during the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

Giuliani had been a prominent figure in Trump’s legal efforts to challenge the election results in multiple states, including Georgia. However, his claims of widespread voter fraud and other irregularities were repeatedly debunked and dismissed by courts and election officials.

The lawsuit against Giuliani was filed by a group of poll workers who were targeted by his false allegations. They argued that Giuliani’s statements not only damaged their professional reputations but also put their personal safety at risk.

In his ruling, the judge stated that Giuliani’s conduct was “disgraceful” and that he had “disseminated false statements about the election” with the intent to deceive the public. The damages awarded to the poll workers were intended to compensate for the harm caused by Giuliani’s defamation.

This ruling serves as a significant blow to Giuliani’s legal and political career. It highlights the consequences of spreading false information and the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions. Giuliani’s role in perpetuating baseless claims of election fraud has further fueled the ongoing debate over the integrity of the democratic process.

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