Three South Dakota people have been detained in connection with the kidnapping of an 11-year-old in Indiana

Authorities in Wisconsin apprehended three individuals on Saturday, accusing them of kidnapping a minor. The arrested individuals include Zachary Delozier, 27, from Edgemont, as well as Sara Gaudino, 23, and Isaiah Schryvers, 24, both residents of Rapid City.

On Saturday, an alert was issued regarding a missing girl from Indiana. It was reported that around the time of her disappearance, a white Dodge Caravan, occupied by one or two men, was seen in the vicinity. Subsequently, law enforcement received a tip that a vehicle matching the description of the kidnappers’ vehicle was spotted at a convenience store in Wisconsin. Promptly, the police and sheriff’s deputies intercepted the vehicle on a highway, resulting in the rescue of the girl and the apprehension of three individuals from South Dakota.

The three individuals are currently being held in the Iowa County, Wisconsin jail. It is highly probable that they will be transported to Indiana to face the kidnapping charge.

The motive for the kidnapping has not been disclosed by the police.

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