Phedra Walker, 38 Missing California Woman Vanishes From Watts

A 38-Year-Old Woman Named Phedra Walker Goes Missing in Watts, California

Phedra Walker may not have gained viral attention yet, but her aunt Marlena is determined to keep her niece’s name in the headlines. Recently, Marlena sought the help of OurBlackGirls to raise awareness about Phedra Walker’s disappearance from Los Angeles, California during the summer. Marlena expressed her frustrations to Spectrum News 1 about the lack of progress made by investigators in finding her missing niece.

She expressed her disappointment, saying, “I wished someone would have come out here and interviewed me. They didn’t even request a photo.”

Marlena Explains The Circumstances Regarding Phedra’s Disappearance

Marlena provided OBG with an email outlining the details of her niece’s last known movements. Phedra, a mother of two teenagers, disappeared sometime between July 22 and 26 of this year. While her children lived with their father, Phedra received benefits from the Employment Development Department despite being unemployed. Marlena had hoped the EDD would assist in the case, but was informed that they could not share information due to privacy concerns.

During her conversation with OBG, Marlena revealed that Phedra underwent surgery on her left hand on July 21. According to Marlena, this was a result of Phedra’s ex-girlfriend slamming her hand in a car door back in June. The day after the surgery, Phedra informed her children’s father about the cast on her hand.

Marlena revealed that there was an argument between Phedra and her ex-girlfriend sometime between the 22nd and 26th. Phedra left and headed towards the train station on 103rd in Watts, CA. According to Marlena, Phedra mentioned that she was going to Hollywood, where she sometimes stayed, and that was the last they heard from her.

Marlena revealed that the missing mother’s phone was tracked and pinged in Dallas, Texas, a month later on August 30. A man answered the phone and claimed to have found it, but he never answered again. The question of how Phedra Walker’s mobile ended up in Texas remains a mystery, according to Marlena. She filed a missing report at the Hawthorne station, as she lived not too far away. However, the person assigned to her case transferred it to the Hollywood division, as her last known address fell under their jurisdiction. Marlena and her family are currently waiting for updates and have put up flyers and posted Phedra’s picture on various missing sites.

Phedra Walker: What To Know

When Phedra Walker went missing, she was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 135 pounds. She had shoulder-length black/dark brown hair and brown eyes. Interestingly, her middle names were “Unique” and “Jasmine.” According to Marlena, Phedra wasn’t someone who was particularly streetwise.

If you have any information about this case, please get in touch with the Hawthorne Police Department at (310) 349-2720 or your local authorities. Remember to mention the agency case number, which is 23-8911.

Let’s all share Phedra Walker’s story to raise awareness about her case and help bring her home. She’s part of our community, and her life is important.

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