Hollidaysburg Couple In Dispute With Authorities Over Their Residence's Driveway

Hollidaysburg Couple In Dispute With Authorities Over Their Residence’s Driveway

Ucreview – A couple from Frankstown Township is currently facing a predicament – what to do with their driveway which has been deemed a cause of rain drainage issue by the Township officials. It has left them unable to use their driveway and searching for a solution.

In September, Rebecca and Steve Dale were eagerly awaiting their move into their new home. However, before they could officially settle in, town officials conducted an inspection to ensure that everything within the property complied with the town’s regulations.

When the Dales received a notification that their driveway did not meet the town’s code, they were left with only one choice – to modify the driveway. Opting out was not an option as it would render their home inhabitable. Therefore, they had to comply with the town’s regulations and make the necessary changes to their driveway.

For four weeks, the Dale family was unable to move into their new home due to driveway repairs.

Steve recommended the installation of an NDS drain that has the capability of eliminating 5.5 inches of rainfall every hour.

According to Steve, their primary objective was to tackle all the water-related issues on their property and not pass it on to others. They were determined not to cause any further water problems for Frankstown Township. “We wanted to handle all of the water problems from this property, on this property. We didn’t want to send any of it downhill to anybody else. Our main goal in all of this was to make sure that we’re not causing any more water problems for Frankstown Township,” Steve emphasized.

After reviewing the proposal, township officials took some time to consider it but ultimately decided to decline it. It’s worth noting that there was a storm drain in close proximity to the property, but this did not sway their decision.

Dale family to spend nearly $25,000 on fixing their driveway.

The town’s ordinances required the Dale family to spend nearly $25,000 on fixing their driveway. They have now successfully brought it up to the necessary standards.

Dale family to spend nearly $25,000 on fixing their driveway


Rebecca suggested renting out our driveway to skateboarders so that we can earn some money back.

The driveway’s dip may seem inconspicuous, but it’s actually larger than what the pictures depict. When attempting to drive their cars up the incline, the underside of the vehicles scrape against the surface due to the dip’s depth.

“When our camper returns, we’re at a loss as to where we’ll park our other vehicles.”

Rebecca and Steve have made plans to attend the upcoming public town meeting until a resolution to the issue is found.

The Dales expressed their desire to be a part of the community without causing harm to anyone. They emphasized their concern about kids running on their driveway during trick-or-treating, highlighting the importance of safety for all.

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