During chase, police vehicles crases outside East Providence home.

An East Providence police officer ended up in the hospital after colliding with a house in the Kent Heights area of the city.

The police reported that the crash occurred during a high-speed pursuit, which originated in Riverside and concluded at the intersection of Pawtucket and Taunton avenues. At that location, the suspect was involved in a three-vehicle collision.

The police apprehended the suspect and seized multiple firearms, along with a substantial amount of ammunition.

A collision occurred at the intersection of Dover and Gardiner avenues, involving both a marked cruiser and an unmarked cruiser driven by a detective, as reported by the police. The marked cruiser veered off course and collided with a nearby residence.

According to the police, the detective did not sustain any injuries. However, it remains unclear at the moment the extent of the officer’s injuries, who was taken to the hospital.

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