hit-and-run incident with bicyclist

Elderly woman in critical condition after hit-and-run incident with bicyclist in Chinatown

On Tuesday evening, a 68-year-old woman was hit by a bicyclist in Chinatown and is now in critical condition. Shockingly, the cyclist fled the scene after the accident.

As captured by surveillance footage, a male cyclist was travelling northbound on Chrystie Street when he collided with a woman crossing the intersection at Grand Street.

The bike lane featured in the video is a two-way lane equipped with traffic signals for cyclists and motorists. The footage does not provide clear evidence of which party had the right of way during the collision. However, the video does reveal the actions taken by the cyclist immediately following the incident.

As I watched, he tenderly lifted the injured woman from the ground and propped her against a nearby plastic divider. After ensuring she was as comfortable as possible, he headed to a nearby NYPD car and spoke to the officers inside. Clearly, he was doing everything in his power to help the woman in need.

As the officers approach the woman who had been injured, the cyclist abruptly gets back on his bike and rides off.

69-year-old woman in critical condition after struck by bicyclist

According to Kwok Leung, an eyewitness to the incident, he saw the ambulance arrive and quickly transport the victim, who was unconscious at the time.

The victim was transported to a nearby medical facility by the medics. Her condition is currently critical and is being closely monitored by the medical staff at the hospital.

The Collision Investigation Squad of the NYPD, responsible for investigating fatal and severe accidents, closed off the intersection to thoroughly analyze the area and gather crucial evidence.

The cameras installed by NYPD at the intersection can identify the party who had the right of way before the accident.

There is uncertainty surrounding what precisely the cyclist communicated to the officers. It’s unclear if he provided an accurate account of the incident or if the officers obtained his identification. However, the detectives are now seeking to converse with him.

As of now, no arrests have been made concerningdent. Investigators have not yet disclosed further information regarding the suspect or the victim.

In recent years, a concerning increase in bicycle collisions has resulted in injuries to cyclists and pedestrians despite implementing more designated lanes and signals.

This year, the safety of cyclists on city streets has become a primary concern as seven individuals have lost their lives in collisions. The situation is becoming increasingly alarming and requires prompt attention from authorities to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the roads.

Leung expressed concern over the growing number of bicycles and their reckless speed. “They come very speedy. Very speedy,” he stated, pointing out the danger they pose to pedestrians across the street. According to him, the bicycles seem to lack concern for the safety of others, which highlights a significant problem. He emphasized that the increasing number of bikes on the road only exacerbates the issue.

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