Gilgo Serial Killer Suspect

Gilgo serial killer suspect investigated for murder of 29-year-old woman found bound on highway

A woman from East Harlem strongly suspects that her deceased aunt was one of the early victims of the notorious Gilgo Beach murder suspect, Rex Heuermann. She took the initiative to reach out to the Nassau District Attorney’s Office, which subsequently ordered a team of detectives to investigate the cold case that has remained unsolved for years. The woman’s belief adds another layer of complexity to an already perplexing case.

An architect from Manhattan who is also a father of two has been accused of the murder of three women who were found dead in late 2010. The victims are Megan Water, aged 22, Melissa Barthelemy, aged 24, and Amber Lynn Costello, aged 27. The accused has been charged with these murders. The link to this news can be found here:

The Case of Maureen Brainard-Barnes: A Tragic Disappearance

The murder of 25-year-old Maureen Brainard-Barnes has also been linked to Heuermann, making him the primary suspect in the case.

Carmen Vargas, who was Figueroa’s aunt, was discovered dead at the roadside in Freeport, New York on September 11, 1989. It was a tragic incident, and her identity remained unknown for three years.

After examining Vargas’ dental records, the authorities confirmed that the remains they had discovered belonged to her.

After years of believing that the murderer of Vargas was Joel Rifkin, the woman has now come to the conclusion that the Gilgo Beach suspect is the one responsible for her death.

Joel Rifkin: A Notorious Serial Killer

During an interview with The U.S. Sun, Figueroa revealed that Joel Rifkin had denied any involvement in the case by stating, “That’s not me. That’s not my work.” Despite initial suspicions, the investigators eventually had to let it go.

Upon examining the cases for which Heuermann is being charged, it becomes clear that there are striking similarities between them. This has led to speculation that he may indeed be the true culprit behind these incidents.

According to exclusive information obtained by in July, the individual suspected of the Gilgo Beach murders had been burdened with six-figure tax liens prior to being connected to the crimes.

At 12 years old, Figueroa had the last interaction with her aunt in 1989. She recalls seeing Vargas getting into a dark car; however, due to her young age, she couldn’t quite see clearly.

Approximately 8 miles away from Heuermann’s childhood home, where his family still resides, is where Vargas was discovered.

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