Navy Veteran Stabbed to Death in 'Evil' Attack While Purchasing Birthday Cards:

William Chartrand, an 82-year-old Californian Navy veteran, was stabbed to death while shopping for birthday cards in a “evil” attack, according to his stepson.

KFOX 14 reported that the veteran was selecting birthday cards at a 99 Cents Only Store in Hanford on Tuesday afternoon when the suspect, identified as Ryan Washington, approached him and stabbed him multiple times.

The Hanford police chief, Parker Sever, told the station, “It’s just a shocking incident.” “When a loved one goes to the store, you expect them to return, but in this instance, they did not.”

According to Sever, the two men did not know each other, and the motive for the murder is unknown.

“The victim, William, was doing nothing other than shopping in the store when he was followed by the suspect and attacked for no apparent reason as he walked down the aisle,” the chief said, adding that Washington had a history of theft.

The family of Chartrand attempted to comprehend why he was targeted.

“There is no comprehension of this. There are no adequate words. “It’s just pure evil,” Martin Devine, the stepson of Chartrand, told KSFN.

“We find it completely unbelievable. The only consolation we have is knowing that Bill was a devout Christian and is now with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,” he said.

Washington, age 23, has been charged with murder and weapon use.

He is currently detained at the Kings County Jail.

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