3 Vehicles Collide

Street Takeover Results in 3-Vehicle Collision

According to recent reports, a street takeover in Compton resulted in a traffic collision involving several vehicles overnight. The incident has caused concern among local authorities and residents alike.

A traffic collision on Rosecrans Avenue and Broadway was reported to the Los Angeles County Fire Department at around 1 a.m. on Sunday. They received the call and were alerted about the situation.

Upon arrival at the scene, the firefighters promptly informed the dispatch of an ongoing street takeover in the intersection.

The firefighters were forced to wait at a safe distance of about one block away from the scene until the reckless drivers who were performing doughnuts vacated the area.

3 Vehicles Collide During Street Takeover

After the departure of the vehicles, it took roughly five minutes for the firefighters to report a collision that involved three cars, including a head-on crash.

A car was spotted with graffiti sprayed on it.

Firefighters evaluated two individuals present during the incident, but fortunately, no harm was reported, and no one required medical attention or transportation.

All the drivers involved in the collision had departed from the scene.

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