Man accused of gunning down cousin

According to the Jackson County’s Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, a man has been accused of fatally shooting his cousin during a dispute on Monday morning in Kansas City, Missouri. The incident occurred in the 3900 block of South Benton Avenue, and the suspect is currently facing charges for the crime. The details of the altercation and the motive behind the shooting are yet to be disclosed.

Matthew White’s death has resulted in Eric L. Morrow being charged with several serious offences. These include second-degree murder, unlawful weapon use, illegal firearm possession, and two counts of armed criminal action.

According to court documents, during the investigation, detectives talked to three witnesses who all recounted an argument between Morrow and White, which eventually turned into a physical altercation before the fatal incident.

According to reports, Morrow eventually brandished a firearm, and a bystander had to intervene by closing the door to a room in the house to prevent Morrow from entering.

According to reports, Morrow fired a single shot and threatened to shoot through the door.

According to the incident’s account, White believed that Morrow would continue firing, prompting him to open the door. Unfortunately, as soon as he did, Morrow purportedly fired his weapon, resulting in the tragic death of White.

Beforehe the shooting, Morrow and White had gotten into different arguments, with one ofing White’s frustration towards Morrow for only bringing food for himself.

After the shooting, Morrow was taken to a nearby hospital due to his injuries. During his admission, he disclosed smoking PCP several hours before the incident occurred.

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