Macomb school officials report death of student

Student’s Death Announced by Macomb School Authorities

Macomb school officials have reported a student’s passing.

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In Macomb, Illinois, a recent news story caught the attention of locals and beyond. KHQA reported on the event, which generated interest and discussion in the area.

Tragically, a student from the Macomb School District has passed away following a car accident that occurred over the weekend. The district has shared the heartbreaking news of the student’s death with the community.

Per the announcement on Facebook, the sad news of Landon Cromer’s demise has come to light.

According to the Macomb Police Department, Cromer sustained injuries after he fell from a moving vehicle in Macomb on Saturday night.

At 9:58 p.m. on Saturday, the McDonough County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to attend to a traffic incident in the City of Macomb.

Cromer was involved in a traffic incident where he fell from a moving vehicle and hit his head.

According to reports, Cromer suffered a severe injury during the incident. Fortunately, other young individuals at the time immediately called for help and provided initial medical assistance while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

After sustaining head trauma, Cromer was promptly taken to a nearby hospital via air-lift for treatment.

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